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She’s Myself is designed to entertain, but more than that, it’s designed to spark introspection, to elicit thought, personal and global. To that end, each episode has The Club, the why behind the creation of the episode coupled with questions to bring the why to the listener. Think through the questions alone, or, even better, create your own community of Nicoles, Laurens, Kates and Darlas and talk about them together.

Listen to the episode and use the questions as a jumping off point over wine, while walking your fav trail, or in an airplane waiting for your turn to skydive.

Coming Weekly September 18, 2018!

There’s virtual and then there’s old-school-in-person. That’s my personal fav. We’re considering putting together live Club Masterminds in the following cities:

  • Irvine
  • Los Angeles
  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Chicago

Or…suggest your city! When we have 5, we’ll get it rolling! If you’re interested, email emily [at] shesmyself [dot] com for details.