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Pilot – The Mastermind

The four women meet, but not before Kate discovers she has a significant history with Nicole. Lauren mediates. Will the group carry on?

Episode 2 – Pick a Lane

Lauren wants to move from being the helpful friend to speaking on a national stage, but a topic eludes her. Will failure to decide among her myriad of interests stop her before she begins?

Episode 3 – Too Little

Kate is accustomed to working incredibly hard for peanuts, but the women aren’t having it. As she’s on the cusp of thinking and behaving differently, will a hanger on from the past undo what she’s poised to accomplish?

Episode 4 – Dream Book

Lauren leads the women in making their own dream books to help them visualize and pursue their dreams with a touch of gratitude. Can Nicole take off her legal hat long enough to consider what’s possible?

Episode 5 – Your Game

The real mastermind is the talk between Lauren and Darla before the other two arrive. What would happen if Darla leaned into her own intense wiring instead of what her company teaches?

Episode 6 – A Night Out

Nicole’s hair is down literally and figuratively as the women get to know each other more personally over some truth telling cocktails.

Episode 7 – Church It Up

Nicole’s masculine energy has served her well as a family law litigator,  Will what she’s done in the past take her in the direction she desires for the future?

Episode 8 – The Big Leap

The women examine what’s behind what they do, how they think, how they behave and the results they achieve. Do each of us have a Zone of Genius or is it like hunting jackalope?

Episode 9 – Degrees of Expertise

Now that Lauren’s found a topic she loves, she balks at her qualifications to deliver it despite the encouragement of the group. What makes someone an expert?

Episode 10 – Piecing Together the Whole

Kate puts together an entirely new and innovative plan for the theatre. Does she have what it takes to know her value it while dragging a concrete weight behind her?

Episode 11 – Money Money Money

Asking for it is tough for most, particularly Lauren and Kate. Nicole’s got that covered but relationships – yikes. Business is personal but personal lives affect the business?

Episode 12 – Mine and Ours

The women find themselves somewhere they’ve never been before and need to rely on each other as a group but is a riff in the making?

Panel Discussion

Join the actresses voicing Nicole, Lauren, Kate and Darla as engineer Barry leads a panel discussion about the show, its influences, and what’s next.