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Nicole’s been told she’s type A, bossy, and full of alpha male energy. It’s true, how else do you become a top family law litigator? But as much as she has achieved, this 40-ish single mother of three teenagers is ready for more. She’s not content in her current role. Nicole desires to be the country’s preeminent prenup authority – the Suze Orman of marriage.

Nicole measures success in dollars and prestige, neither of which has been hard for her to come by thus far, but her ball-busting lawyer persona is not playing well with the starry-eyed hand-holding couples she hopes to woo. Nicole needs help, and for that she turned to Tom Cooper. Tom is a branding and marketing guru who has launched the top names in a myriad of industries. Nicole wants to know what he knows and to use it for her new venture.

Nicole signed up for Tom’s mastermind group and has been placed in a cohort with three other women to learn and apply his principles. She’s ready to make the personal and business changes necessary to become the Queen of Prenups. Can the cohort help her? What personal and professional changes are required? And what will the women ask in return?


Exuding a warm calm energy Lauren reads as exactly who she is, a mother-earth spiritual guide who has been a mentor to a gaggle of women over the years. Lauren excels one-on-one, but now that her children are grown, she feels a pull toward playing on a bigger stage. What exactly that stage is and what she’d say if she was invited to grace it is unclear.

Attracted to Tom Copper’s teachings on turning a passion into a business, Lauren is in the early stages and she frets that she has nothing to offer to the mastermind. She doesn’t yet realize her gift to the group is not business principles, but rather personal ones. As the sage, she pinpoints where the elusive roadblocks lie and how to navigate around them.

Lauren is ready for deeper fulfillment and the validation that comes with helping women let go of the things that bind them and access their inner wisdom and strength. Can she do the same for herself?


Who doesn’t love Kate? She’s adorable inside and out. A late 20s divorced mother of two little ones, she even has a cool career, the owner of Fowler Theatre. The truth is a bit more convoluted. As a college opera major, she sang at the theatre and did some light management until it fell on hard times. She and her then-husband, Brad, a corporate VP type, bought it. Now that they’ve divorced, she owns the theatre with her ex – yikes.

The hard times with the theatre never really ended and Kate’s been robbing Peter and borrowing from Brad to pay Paul. She’s desperate to make the theatre work but is stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked, running from kid duty to theatre duty and back again. Musicals, workshops, choruses, acrobats, magicians – what can she bring to the stage to fill the seats and keep the lights on? It’s all very Waiting for Guffman and the glamour stops as soon as you hit backstage.

The Tom Cooper Mastermind was Brad’s suggestion. For Kate, it’s just another reminder of his continued presence in her life but this one comes with a bit of hope. Could there be success, and rest, and options in flipping the script? Can she get enough margin in her life to figure out what she really wants? She has a sneaking suspicion this might not be it.


Darla’s been underestimated her whole life and as an area manager of Travel US, a national multi-level marketing company (MLM), it continues. Despite the side eye and suspicion an MLM can bring, her company has been good to her, and she has to them. She’s passionate about the travel she sells and even more passionate about her team.

Ready to lend an ear, a hand, or even an apartment full of furniture, Darla’s kind heart is apparent. She’s a momma bear to all. Her husband, Dutch, is a nice enough guy. He’s a good father, kind man, but all the hustle resides with Darla and as she strives for the very top of Travel US, she knows she needs something more than what she’s learned thus far, enter Tom Cooper.

Can Darla find the success she’s looking for in her current position? What is she willing to sacrifice for success? And what old paradigms are standing in her way?