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In this serial audio comedy-drama, Lauren, Nicole, Kate, and Darla are brought together in a mastermind group by guru Tom Cooper. The group holds the potential for something each want, influence, purpose, success, money, but can they find their best while life happens?


In the 12 episodes of the first season, the women learn the truth of what they already know, that wine is a business expense, business is personal, and when a friend is by your side, even death is doable.

15-minutes of entertainment. Just like your favorite TV show, but less of a time commitment. The characters are real (albeit totally fictional) people. It’s fun, funny, serious, really serious, damn this is serious and then fun again, just like life, your life, and mine. Available in iTunes and a dedicated website, it’s easy and free for everyone!

AND… a New-Fangled Book Club

But wait, there’s more. Each episode has a short video about the theme (playing small, trust issues, dreaming big, playing, figuring out who we are and what we offer to the world) and then juicy questions to talk about enhanced by a live video conversation. You can take She’s Myself and create your own mastermind with your peeps, win/win/win! ‘Cause you know that when we women get together, amazing shit happens.